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DALL·E 2022-09-17 12.49.46 - A photo of a colourful orbs dancing and exploding on the end


A Global Culture of Eco-Citizenry

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We believe in the power of culture to transform our world, just like it always has. Our mission is to collaborate with artists, engineers and cultural events across the globe to harness the creativity of humanity and generate a culture of eco-citizenry, one where we live harmoniously with each other and our planet. Sound like a grand idea? We think so too, after all, there is nothing much exciting about the alternative.


First Stop...

'Is Incubating'

(window display)


Mayfair, London

Friday October 7 – Saturday October 15.

Daily 12-7pm Monday-Saturday;

1-6pm Sunday

56 Brook Street, Mayfair,

London, W1K 5NE.

For details

©2022 Re•world Fair

All right retained by Reworld Fair is a fiscally sponsored programme of Re:wild, a 501c3 conservation organisation that protects and restores the wild.

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