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MoonCell v1.3 Full Render.png


MoonCell v1.3 Full Render.png

MoonCell is a simple device made of a series of electrochemical cells, like batteries; however, instead of just storing electricity, MoonCell generates electricity, biophilically. MoonCell encourages oxygen to combine with hydrogen, which naturally creates pure water (H2O) and a current of orphaned electrons we can harness as electricity to power our world. MoonCell inhales oxygen from the air which is drawn through lime crystals to absorb CO2, effectively sequestering it in the process, as stalactites and stalagmites do in caves.  


Fundamentally, MoonCell is an advanced alkaline hydrogen fuel cell, but unlike commercial fuel cells serving venture capitalist industry objectives, MoonCell is artisanal technology developed within a biophilic framework. This means to say MoonCell is a non-exclusive technology that serves to enhance our relationship within ecology and provide equitable, community oriented access to vital infrastructure. Requiring basic, accessible tools and common, inexpensive materials, MoonCell is affordable and quick and easy to make. It is fabricated and operated by community-led Collaborative Manufacturing Enterprises (CME’s) supporting secure, decentralised regional micro-grids, customised to each community’s indigenous structures. By sourcing hydrogen, ethanol or ammonia directly from communities and their waste, MoonCell integrates and enables conventional and novel renewable energy technologies to generate negative-carbon, base-load electricity and form the basis of ‘biophilic systems’. 


Biophilic systems not only provide core utilities but also convert otherwise toxic waste such as trash, sewage and methane forming materials like organic waste, into an array of valuable raw products such as biochar and organic fertiliser. Captured CO2 can be fed into vertical farms, greenhouses, farms etc. to grow edible plants and algae for oils, nutrient rich food, plastics, cosmetics and so on, accelerating their growth.


MoonCell’s distributed nature provides a platform for energy security and autonomy from the cost, lost efficiency and myriad dangers that plague long transmission lines and centralised power, such as fire, terrorist attacks, outages and catastrophic radiation from nuclear waste and accidents. It also drastically reduces reliance on exploitation and emissions related to transportation in the manufacture and distribution of goods and the removal of waste. 


MoonCell also enables the formation of a biophilic hardware-tethered hybrid blockchain and P2P platform, DISCO (Decentralised Indigenous Secure Collaborative Organisation) providing secure collaboration and asset-backed trade locally and globally. DISCO and its inaugural coin, Moon Seeds are based on a novel POM or ‘Proof of Make’ current to currency conversion, capable of representing not only the tangible energy they make, but the utilities, products and services they support. 


DISCO will serve as a fund to support the activities of Re:world Fair and efforts to enable Moon Cell biophilic infrastructure development in underserved or remote communities, rewilding and biodiversity conservation and educational programs. 


MoonCell is designed by Re:world engineers and artists to facilitate public knowledge that it exists, an elementary understanding of it works and to demonstrate how it can be adopted to ensure the arts become biophilic.


Click here to read more about how MoonCell can be implemented in communities.

MoonCell v1.3 Full Render.png

©2024 Re:world Fair

All right retained by Reworld Fair is a fiscally sponsored programme of Re:wild, a 501c3 conservation organisation that protects and restores the wild.

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